Sat May 24th at Farmer’s Market Union Square


quiltyusp0021On Sat May 24th a group of us went to Union Square to exchange information and talk with farmers and people attending the Greenmarket. Many thanked us for providing them information, signed our cardboard petition indicating their support, and posted our ‘Keep Union Square Public’ signs in their booths. The impact of the redevelopment is immediately felt by the street vendors whose booths are being uncomfortably cramped, by passersby who know the last thing they want is another upscale restaurant, and greenmarket farmers who cringe, knowing that Whole Foods is one of the members of the BID planning the redevelopment of the park.

quiltyups0056Being at Union Square and talking with people was an important because per recent media citings, many believe that the halt in construction indicates a foretold victory for the community. In fact, to be able to attain these gains, this is a critical time for us to voice our concerns for the park to remain publicly accessible. These voices will reach the judge who issued the injunction on the construction and council members whose leadership can change the course of Union Square to reflect the interests of the community.


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