Keep public parks public!

Quilty sent us a selection of gorgeous pictures from yesterday’s rally. After the pics, check out links to more folks that passed on their work… (Be sure to tag your media with saveunionsquare2008 so we can find it!)

Links to more photos:



3 responses to “Keep public parks public!

  1. Thanks! it was Great to see so many people out .. WE can change HISTORY!

    It’s OUR 21st Century!!

    Magic Passion Love!

  2. BF2inNYC stoped by for a while – there are more pixs on my PICASA:

  3. Caroline Carlson

    I all,
    I was wondering if any of you could enlighten me on why you feel that Union Square should not be privatized. I am doing a class presentation, and would really like to here your side of the story so I can make a fair representation of some members of your group to my class.
    My email is
    -Caroline Carlson

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